It’s a dirty job--but somebody has to do it.

Every horse owner knows that sheath and udder cleaning is an integral part of equine care, but few like to do the work themselves. As a result, this important procedure is relegated to annual vet visits and is often performed with less frequency than it should be.

In actuality, regular cleanings are a necessary - and natural - part of your equine friend’s health and well-being. In fact, depending on your horse’s biology and environment, sheath cleanings may need to be performed more than once a year to keep your horse healthy and working his or her best.

Proprietary Methods, Specially Designed Equipment - Experience the Beneath the Sheaths Difference

Beneath the Sheaths takes equine health and cleanliness very seriously. That’s why we employ only our own proprietary cleaning method and uniquely designed equipment to ensure that the cleaning process is both comfortable and safe for your horse. And given Ann Marie’s extensive equine experience across a vast range of training and health practices, she can perform all cleanings without the need to sedate or medicate your horse. Her top concern is always the safety and comfort of her equine patients and the peace of mind this gives to their human companions.

Equine Sheath Cleaning on the Road

Beneath the Sheaths performs equine sheath cleanings throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Eastern New York.